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What types of packages does the SEO agency offer?

The agency should offer you a minimum contract of 6 months to start, it should assess the influence of specific actions of the agency on the indicators and results.

The contract should include at least the following actions:

  • Identification of your target persona
  • Selection of relevant keyword phrases
  • Analysis of competitors in the market
  • Implementation of monitoring and analysis tools
  • State of play of the site (metrics, content, lexical field)
  • Elaboration of a semantic cocoon
  • Planning SEO actions in the short-medium term (2 months) and long term (4 to 6 months)
  • Definition of the content strategy (content planning)
  • Definition of the strategy of internal and external links (backlinks)
  • SEO action tracking
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Site performance tracking (metrics)

Access at all times to reports on the evolution of site traffic via Google Data Studio for example

The contract should be reassessed after the first six months based on progress.

Does the SEO web agency outsource some of its services?

Some clients request that the agency subcontract part of their project. If you want this clause, ask the agency to let you know if this clause has been included in the bid and what benefits it will bring to your project. However, for an SEO project fewer contractors are better.

What are the technical skills of the SEO agency?

A good SEO agency knows perfectly well that the code deployed on a website will have a direct impact on its natural referencing. The quality of the code is therefore an important criterion of choice when looking for an SEO agency. Indeed, Google’s rules are very strict and if they are not respected, your site can be penalized in its referencing. Many SEO agencies in Quebec too often focus only on carrying out audits, without being able to implement all the recommendations they make. A good SEO agencycan still work with a team of programmers who have a good foundation in SEO if it does not have the internal resources it will act as a conductor to validate that all technical SEO recommendations are properly applied.

Does the SEO agency use professional writers to write your content?

WEB editor is a special job, rare are the agencies that have an in-house editor team. If the SEO agency uses professional writers to write your content, it’s a good way to have very good results. They have a perfect command of their subject and are able to write appropriate and quality texts. This content is then optimized for natural referencing, always according to an editorial charter and after analysis of the lexical field.

User-generated content (UGC) is also a good and very affordable source to feed your blog depending on the type of site and services offered.

Does the agency offer you a backlink acquisition campaign?

Netlinking or backlink acquisition is a technique when developing a natural referencing strategy. Indeed, the acquisition of qualitative external links will help your domain and your pages to position themselves better in search engines.

In principle, setting up a netlinking strategy is relatively simple. It is enough to obtain possible quality backlinks; we are talking about quality and not quantity. It is essential to refer to the good practices enacted by Google so as not to be sanctioned.

What is the budget for an SEO service in Quebec?

The $100,000 question, you can find everything on the Seo Services in Islamabad in Quebec. SEO missions from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. The right question to ask is what returns on investment can you expect after investing in SEO with an agency. For us, each client and mandate are different, the SEO budget for a 10-page site will not be the same as that of a 100-page site with 600 media files to optimize. The budget will therefore vary according to each client. However, if you are offered a full mandate with unlimited follow-up at $500, turn your way. Finally, know that SEO if done well is a long-lasting investment and by far with newsletters the most profitable traffic acquisition channel.

In conclusion to choose the right SEO agency in Quebec

You have to be careful and not give all your money to the first agency that offers you a “GOLD plan”. It is always best to ask that SEO agency to clearly outline their strategy and show you tangible things you can trust to increase your business sales and search engine rankings.

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