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What’s so special about Abu Dhabi Secondary Schools

Abu Dhabi is the kind of place that most people would like to live in given a chance. With its modern cityscape and high standards of living it has everything that one would need to live a great life of comfort. Is it any surprise then that the emirate has professionals from around the world coming there to live and work? Another factor that pulls them there is the fact that Abu Dhabi boasts some of the best schools in the world making it easy and convenient for them to consider moving there with their families including the children.

Let us get a lowdown on some of the best Abu Dhabi secondary and international schools and find out what makes them so special.

Top 5 Secondary and International Schools in Abu Dhabi

1.      The Model School Abu Dhabi

This school was founded in 1987 and follows the CBSE curriculum, which makes it very popular with the expat Indian community. What is great about the school is the fact that it is focused on providing value-based education in tune with the needs and aspirations of the 21st century. At the same time, the school has kept its fees at a very reasonable level making it possible for a large number of students to have access to affordable quality education.

Everything about the school including facilities like a well-equipped laboratory and well-stocked library is out of the top-drawer enabling students to make the best of their education. Besides, the school is quite active in keeping parents of students studying in the schools well informed and updated about their children’s progress. That is what makes parents very gung ho about putting their children in this school.

2.      Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi

This is one of the best-known private CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi and is part of the renowned chain of GIIS international schools with branches around the world. For children starting school, they offer the renowned Global Montessori Plus program. Everything about the school including the infrastructure, sports facilities, and teaching staff are comparable to the best in the world.

The school is extremely popular not just among the ex-pat Indian community in Abu Dhabi, but other expat communities as well as the local population. They like the fact that school has an international vibe and helps hone one’s all-around personality. Getting one’s child admission to this school is a matter of celebration for Indians living in Abu Dhabi.

3.      Abu Dhabi International School

This is one of the most popular international school in Abu Dhabi on account of its stellar reputation as a leading educational institution. Offering both the IGCSE and IB programs the school was founded in 1992 and boasts two campuses. The school educates more than 4000 students with the help of a 275 member staff. The popularity of the school can be gauged by the fact that its students and staff hail from more than sixty countries around the world.

Not only is the school excellent with regard to its academics, but it is also a hub of extracurricular activities including very active football, basketball, art, photography and debate clubs. Receiving an education in this school sure is an enriching experience.

4.      German International School

The German International School in Abu Dhabi was founded way back in 1976 and has classes till the upper secondary level, which require the students to take the German International Abitur examinations. Several of the subjects are taught in English and the Abitur examination acts as a gateway to admission to universities worldwide.

Their approach to teaching helps inculcate independent learning as well as develop the ability to lead an active social life, thereby preparing the grounds for the advancement of one’s educational prospects. Students who complete their education in this school turn into mature and self-confident individuals capable of taking care of themselves.

5.      Repton School Abu Dhabi

This is an outstanding international school following the British curriculum. It has students from over 85 nationalities who get exposure to more than 85 extracurricular activities. Every student at the school has access to a free laptop. Not only are the students very digitally savvy, but some 91% also perform better than expected in mathematics, 96% in English and 90% in science. It is hardly surprising that a school like this would be a huge hit with the expat community. With technology being the key to success in today’s times, this school sure is very popular in Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi is a place that believes in world-class standards and is excellent at whatever it undertakes-infrastructure, business, sports or education. That explains why it boasts some of the best secondary and international schools anywhere in the world. It actually is quite a privilege for any young person to receive an education there.

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