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When Will A Power Chain Lose Its Elasticity

Chain braces help to stabilize your teeth while you wear braces, so when it’s time to get them removed, it’s important to make sure you’re no longer using them. As soon as you have the all-clear from your orthodontist, take these five simple steps and you can bid your power chains goodbye forever.


What Are Power Chains And How Do They Work?

Double power chain braces are used to fasten two brackets onto one tooth. They’re typically seen in more complex treatment situations, such as when more than one tooth needs to be moved for crowding or an open bite. Power chains consist of tiny screw-like bolts that are put into a specially prepared slot on a bracket. The bolts are placed so that they’re facing both outwards and inwards (to meet up with another screw). When two screws connect, they form a chain to brace multiple teeth at once. Replacing these screws can be time consuming and may cause damage if not done properly; make sure you’re careful!


The Cost Of Replacement

Power chains are designed to last for at least a year, but they can break down faster if they are cleaned incorrectly. If you’re dealing with inflamed gums, then it’s important to get professional power chain cleaning; otherwise, brushing them thoroughly in circular motions should suffice. Worn power chains can also pose a threat by making brackets and bands looser—which means even less stability during treatment. When you see that your power chains are loose, it’s time to replace them before further damage occurs. The good news is that replacing double power chain braces is quick and easy; follow these three steps

The Frequency Of Replacement

Power chains can last a while and they do not need to be replaced often. The color of power chains can be used as an indicator of how much life is left in them. If a power chain looks like it is getting old and weak, then you may want to get it replaced before it breaks. The color of your power chain directly relates to its strength level and efficiency as well as its life expectancy. Power chains will eventually wear out, but if you’re going to do any activity that puts some stress on your braces, we recommend keeping a fresh set of double power chain braces on hand so you’ll have less risk of breaking other teeth or causing permanent damage in your mouth by allowing loose teeth to move around inside your gums.


What To Do When It’s Time To Replace Them

If your power chain color is almost all one color, then it’s probably time to replace it. If you have different shades of brown, white or yellow and all three colors are mixed together, then they may be old enough that they no longer provide a strong hold, but probably aren’t so old that they need to be replaced just yet. As with anything relating to braces and orthodontic work in general, it’s a good idea to talk with your orthodontist before purchasing a new power chain to make sure you’re using one that will fit your braces properly.


Tips For Creating An Overall Effective Treatment Plan

While it’s important to replace power chains when they start to wear down, there are a few things you can do to keep your treatment plan running smoothly. Preventive maintenance—taking care of your teeth with regular brushing and flossing—is key. So is making sure your dentist performs regular checkups and services on schedule. When you do need to replace a power chain, it’s helpful to know that all rubber bands eventually stretch out of shape from use; if yours seem too loose, or if it takes more than a single finger tug for them to tighten around their tooth, then it’s time for replacement.

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