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Why Counselling is needed in Senior High School?

Parents have very high expectations when it comes to children’s education and careers

According to the HSBC study on the hopes and expectations of parents on their children’s education;

  • 51% of the Indian parents have one important goal, that their child builds a successful career. While 49% choose happiness in life, 33% choose a healthy lifestyle, 22% wanted comfortable life for their child and 17% wanted their children to develop full potential.
  • Parents from developed countries did not give much weightage to successful careers.  Only one-fifth of the parents choose successful careers.
  • 17% of the parents in the United Kingdom and Australia wanted their child to have a successful career. 
  • Asian countries like China, Taiwan and Hong Kong also have lower rates of parents supporting such goals which are 15%, 17% and 19% respectively.

Moral of the story:- Being happy in life was the ultimate goal of parents in more than a dozen countries apart from academics and careers. This is only possible when things are addressed at the right time and when children are guided properly in crucial years like Senior High School.

Why Counselling is needed in Senior High School?

It is no doubt a Senior High school is a stressful year for children due to loads of academics, competition, extracurricular. The mental and emotional health of children goes for a toss when they have to deal with all these things.

We as parents have gone through stress during our formative years,  but we still fail to recognize the same when it comes to our children. 

So when we want our children to be happy in life and good career then counselling is one of the best ways to guide them. It can be done by parents themselves or with the help of professional counsellors in Tokyo School

Difference between counselling from psychotherapy

Most parents have the misconception of seeing counselling as some type of psychotherapy, so they avoid taking the help.

Counselling at the Tokyo School is to address the emotional, social and behavioural needs of the students.  

While Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a way to help people with mental illnesses and emotional difficulties.

Parents need to understand is that Senior High School is a crucial year for children and getting counselling in their formative years will shape their future.

In Today’s fast-paced world, our children are going through alot of things and there is an emotional turmoil that needs the right direction or it may affect their future.

So let’s understand how counselling will have a positive impact on your child and why it is mandatory in every school.

How Counselling Helps Children in Tokyo School?

Communication Gap

Most of parents have a communication gap with their children, so children find it hard to share things with them which indirectly affect their ability to face some difficulties. Some school teachers must be good in counselling but most of them lack counselling abilities. A professional counsellor for students in Tokyo School helps children to explore the strongest part of their confidence level.

Help to address issues

A good counsellor has a strong sense of empathy, they are a good listener, they do not judge students but give the right guidance and recommendations to the students.

Counselling in school helps students to address issues like family, peer pressure, indiscipline, study difficulties etc. All these issues need to be addressed at the right time or it can influence students to take wrong decisions. 

Student gain Confidence

Counselling sessions undertaken by counselors and students are confidential so that students can open up better and gain confidence. When students are guided properly it can be seen in their performance and overall well-being. Tokyo School has invested in counseling students as it helps in improving the welfare and performance of the students. 

Counselors help students academically

Counsellors help students to connect them with resources or help teachers to identify problem areas. As students progress through Senior High School, counselors work with them to know their strengths and weakness, help them to identify subjects that suit their needs. They also help them in college applications, college search, financial aid,  help them write scholarship essays and write letters of recommendation.

They even help students to explore various career options. They motivate students to learn and explore the world around them, help them figure out what they want to do in life.

Counselors help Parents

The school counseling department help find a valuable resource for parents and guide them about their child’s need. Counseling can help parents with helpful advice on how to connect with their children.

Improves School Climate

School counselors help to improve the school environments. They guide teachers to maintain positive relationships with the students to built trust and care. They help in developing programs and policies that foster educational development and recognize students’ efforts and accomplishments.


The counseling session is important in Senior High School as the students need guidance in a number of areas in their life, such as courses, career paths to explore, colleges or trade programs to pursue and how to manage their physical and mental health and how to deal with complicated social situations etc. The goal of counseling is to help students thrive and recognize their strengths, improve performance and help in their overall wellbeing. Counseling can help them provide important information and perspective to students. Counseling impacts a student’s life by improving their outlook on school, family, and future goals. 


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