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Why Is Alberta Land Surveyors Important?

Land surveyors perform different functions to avoid legal problems with land ownership. Are you aware that Alberta has only approximately 457 active professional land surveyors? Alberta land surveyors in Calgary is a dedicated group of specialists in great demand by the state’s more than 10,000 realtors and Calgary’s overall rising real estate market.

Land surveyors are essential for various developments and projects, such as construction. Surveyors are in charge of many things, including mapping out project sites, identifying potential dangers, and verifying blueprints.

And with the advancement of technology, land surveying is becoming more data-driven, with extensive available data for companies looking to streamline operations. This article will examine why land surveyors are vital and how their responsibilities have changed.

Land surveying
Surveying is among the first duties for construction development in Alberta. It must be precise, and it must be quick. An extended survey will likely push back completion dates, which will delay the project’s development. Land surveyors are aware of the importance of a timely land survey.

A land survey determines the area’s primary features and analyzes hazards and possibilities. Then, mapping out a construction project’s full scope is done for future planning. Finally, Finally, preparing measured values and maps and double-inspecting existing maps ensures that the project takes place in the correct areas of the site while ensuring that land borders are marked correctly.

Several lands may have pre-existing concerns, such as misplaced wildlife trails, inaccurate borders, or poor utility and easement registration. These flaws, which may have quickly developed over time, will be corrected by competent Alberta land surveyors in Calgary. However, failure to address these flaws will eventually result in consequences, including government penalties and endangering workers.

Modernization of land surveying
Land surveying is a high-tech industry. Cloud computing, laser mapping, and UAVs, among other technological advancements, have substantially decreased the time required to conduct a survey. In addition, much of the workflow has been mechanized or simplified, resulting in fewer work hours and surveyors. As a result, the question ofwhether surveyors are becoming redundant arises.

No, they are not changing their roles; they are just transforming their duties. As fast and valuable as modern technology is, a land surveyor’s involvement is still required to check data correctness and certify locations so that other entities using the data do not plan and construct on inaccurate data.

Drones, for instance, are excellent at gathering survey data, but they will only do so efficiently if their criteria are well-defined and monitoring their operation regularly. Technical faults with the UAV may also arise, involving an on-site repair. Typically, a conventional land survey is desirable if a location requires a more extensive survey.

Is it still necessary to hire a land surveyor despite the innovations?
For certain activities that are impossible to complete with just a machine, for example, staking, it still necessitates the presence of a human.

Some data analyses require a land surveyor. For example, comparing old maps to current maps may necessitate a person’s inspection of both records.

The practice of land surveying has been thousands of years and has never lost its significance. However, today’s modern surveyors are closer to data scientists, delivering not just survey data but also the understanding required to grasp it and achieve desired results.

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