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Why is it So Hard to Park a Car in New York City?

In New York City, a car is both a luxury and a baneful responsibility. That is why only 23 percent of households own it in Manhattan and 43 percent in the Bronx. It’s not much, but over three million vehicles pass through the Big Apple every day. 

85,000 parking spaces with parking meters have been created for them. But you can stay for a maximum of two hours. Prices depend on the area. In Manhattan’s Upper East Side, a fashionable, expensive, and world-famous neighborhood, you must pay six dollars for the first hour, in other neighborhoods – four and a half dollars. A parking space, depending on the area, can cost up to $200 a night in Manhattan. Over the course of a year, New York drivers get a combined total of nine to eleven million parking violations, which gives the city a total revenue of around $600 million.

Ironically, some drivers and business owners, especially suppliers, say that it is more profitable for them to pay for fines than to look for an empty seat for how long and risk losing a customer is. They quite simply include fines in the cost of doing business. Low penalties are imposed for exceeding the parking time in places where parking is allowed at certain times, the highest for parking in places marked with a total prohibition. But there are as many as 14 different fines for this offense, and each one has a different amount. Nevertheless, the fine will never exceed $145. During one of New York’s infamous snowstorms, many cars were completely buried and immobilized, but parking fines weren’t ignored. It took a lot of local media and social activists to get them canceled.

In city streets near buildings, parking is allowed at certain times. For example, from six in the evening to nine in the morning, but except on days and hours when garbage collection and cleaning of roads and pavements takes place. If someone just cannot take care of the temporary rearrangement of the car himself, they hire someone willing to do it. The alternative is not only a fine, but also looking for a towed car and paying for the entire action. There is also the possibility of a car accident that happens to or with a parked car involved, especially in the outer boroughs. This brings a whole new set of laws regarding parking laws. 

Even the mayor of the city cannot drive his car onto the property where he lives with his family. He parks on the road for a short time, along with security cars. If he leaves the car for a longer time, he uses a multi-story car park a few blocks away. 

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