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World News Stories, Latest World News, and Breaking News

With the break of the Chinese leadership, the Western World has turned its eyes to the “New Shanghai” and the “Cultural Revolution” sweeping across much of Asia and into Central America. Some feel a collapse of the Western World could be on the horizon as civilizations crumble one after the other. Some see the coming collapse as an opportunity to go to China and rebuild. Let’s look at some of the key topics for the 2010 World News; a new war in the Middle East, possibly the worst drought in history in India, and a new icy invasion from North Korea.

World News Network

The most important part of the World News Network is its television coverage. Each day the network provides what it calls “breaking news reports,” much of which are nothing more than viral videos that they promote through Twitter. What is missing in many of these reports is the critical analysis that the media should offer when dealing with issues that affect our nation. While many seem to consider commentary and news releases “trivial,” it is vital to the health of our civilization that we have well-informed citizens. Without this critical thinking, our system of governance will crumble, and the freedoms we enjoy will erode.

It would seem that at least once a year, the World News Network gives us a story of some sort that it feels is important. However, many times their reporting has been so farcical that it borders on irrelevant. For instance, just this month, they released a report about an empty house belonging to someone who disappeared. There was no sign of the person in the house, no signs of forced entry, and no signs of damage to the home.

There was no mention of the possibility of foul play or any connection to the person that might have committed such a crime. And yet, this crime was linked to an ongoing war. No one reported on the war; no one talked about it on CNN or anywhere else. It seems the only way that such a story was even considered as if it involved war. I’d say that’s negligence on their part.

Another case involves a company that wants to take a new pill for erectile dysfunction that is made from a plant. The company’s logo is in the plant, and it is supposed to help increase libido. But anyone that has ever looked at the ingredient list of most libido enhancers knows that they are filled with known stimulants. The plant itself is also not likely to be that effective.

World story

In another world story, someone was arrested for attempting to build a hydrogen generator. This was a very real technology that had been under development for decades. One could even build one and put it on your lawn. Unfortunately, the story was completely trumped by the fact that this man had ties to Iran and was providing material support to that nation’s nuclear enrichment program. How is that relevant to the World News today?

There was another story that came out recently that really gets my goat. Apparently, the Chinese are building what look to be long-range missiles that can reach up to 400 miles, and one of them has a payload that will kill all those living in that radius. Whoops, now there’s a world issue!

All of these stories are important; I’ll grant you that. But when you look at them and try to make sense of the timing and the content, it’s just not making much sense. Perhaps next time you read about a global crisis, you’d think twice before you click on that news source. Please consider all this. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please shoot me an e-mail soon as possible.

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